Nanimarquina unveils first outdoor rug collection

Shade rug

After years of research and experimenting with different materials, Nanimarquina has launched its first-ever line of outdoor rugs.

The collection was inspired by the trend of blurring the lines between interior spaces and the outside world. The outdoor rugs are made using ancestral techniques that characterize the pieces and the innovative PET fiber. In addition to being resistant to water and weather, PET fiber has similarities to natural fibers.

Within the new collection, some of the brand’s most successful indoor collections are adapted for the outdoors, such as Shade, Tres Stripes and Tres Texture. Additionally, an exclusive line has been introduced — Oaxaca — which is inspired by traditional rug design and features simple geometric shapes mixed with brightly colored fruit-bearing flowers.

Oaxaca rug

“The vision for the new line was to transfer the warmth of interior spaces to the outside world,” says Nani Marquina, founder of the company and designer of the outdoor rugs. “Nature has always been my main source of inspiration, so in my rugs I try to capture the powerful sense of well being that nature produces. We found there was a need to fill for our customers; our outdoor line allows them to have an element of comfort that can be enjoyed in open air environments.”

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