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Why you shouldn’t use overly complicated words when trying to reach customers

Have you ever heard that using big words can make you sound dumb? It was […]

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Four tips for leading your business through tough times

When things get tough – whether its natural disasters, personal challenges or unique situations like […]

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How to use technology to reach customers during COVID-19

During the current pandemic –or any crisis, for that matter – many turn to technology […]

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What is an implied close, and how can salespeople use it?

A few years ago, I was working closely with Furniture Today’s Executive Editor Dave Perry […]

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Are you still trying to multitask?

At the pace the world moves today, it seems impossible to go a day without […]

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Creative ways furniture companies can give back to their community

Over this past year I’ve had the pleasure of working on the Community Spirit section […]

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5 online services that can streamline operations for casual retailers

Despite how terrifying Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is, technology really is your friend. That’s especially […]

Casual Furniture Retailers

5 ideas that will help you make the most of Small Business Saturday

Editor’s note: With thousands of retail stores planning to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we thought […]

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How do you measure retail success?

As retail evolves, it only makes sense that the traditional metrics used to measure success […]

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Why you should stop trying to be the next Sunbrella

As new manufacturers enter the casual space, I’ve noticed a key theme: They want to […]