Woodstock Chimes launches new Mindfulness Chimes

Woodstock Chimes has launched a new series of chimes that focus on mindfulness.

Available in a large and medium size, the Mindfulness Chimes feature a lotus flower and the word “Mindfulness” silk-screened on its windcatchers. The deeper toned 44-inch large chime has nine silver tubes tuned to an African scale and retails for $100. The 28-inch medium chime has eight silver tubes tuned to a soothing scale and retails for $56.

The new Mindfulness Chimes come in a medium, left, and large size.

“Our Mindfulness Chimes were summer market best sellers. They inspire you to be attentive to your surroundings, leading you back to the present moment and allowing your mind to become calm and focused,” says Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes. “Bringing awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment into everything we do can be transformative and can lead to innovative solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable.”

Packaged ready to give in a kraft gift box, both chimes feature teak finished ash wood and have a removable windcatcher. Customers can take this windcatcher to their local customization shop to have a personalized message silk-screened or engraved.

To see and hear the Woodstock Mindfulness Chimes and all Woodstock Chimes or to find a Woodstock Chimes OneCoast territory manager, please visit OneCoast’s website.

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