How to use technology to reach customers during COVID-19

During the current pandemic –or any crisis, for that matter – many turn to technology as a way to stay in touch with customers and keep communications regular.

And while sending emails about your company’s response to the crisis is necessary for customer relations, there are a few others ways you can reach customers during this time.

Chat Bots.  As I previously stated in this article about chat bots, there are definite pros and cons to the technology. But during a pandemic when everyone is at home, and likely getting restless, chat bots could become even more important.  If these consumers head over to your website and browse, that’s a perfect time to set up a chat bot that checks in with the customer in real time.

Even further, if your company is helping the community in some way, you can let customers know via the chat bot. Or you can ask customers for ideas of how to help.

Virtual Showrooms. You can also use the chat bot (or social media) to let customers know about your virtual showroom option. People are bored right now, and many of them are sitting home with little to do. Give them an interesting and useful experience. This serves as a great way to get people ready and thinking about the outdoor season.

Facebook Live/IGTV. Don’t have a virtual showroom? Create your own by using Facebook Live or IGTV. But don’t just make a boring video where you walk around and show furnishings. Make it fun and exciting, and include real people in the video. You can even throw in some humor to keep viewers entertained.

You want to show the customer who your brand is and get them excited about buying for their outdoor space. And even if you’re not in your store, you can still give people a behind-the-scenes look at your company and strengthen your brand. Being authentic in these videos is a reassuring reminder that everyone is in this together, so we might as well have a little fun.

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